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Holiday Greeting Card: Project Profile

Posted by Team UT on December 29th, 2008   Interactive, Project Profiles, UnCommon News

Every year we try to send a holiday greeting to our clients. In the past we’ve done personalized HTML emails, branded traditional cards, and even holiday music CD’s (Vol 1. is still my favorite). It’s our way of showing appreciation and respect to our clients. So this holiday season we decided to kick it up a notch and send out a more interactive greeting card .

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Blue Planet – Project Profile

Posted by Team UT on November 19th, 2008   Project Profiles, UnCommon News

With the start of the new college basketball season off and running now, we thought it would be a good time to profile the site we did for the Duke University Men’s Basketball team located at www.DukeBluePlanet.com. When the site launched in beta format last November it became the first dedicated site for a college basketball program (men or women).

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