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Hashtag Sports Engage 150

Posted by Team UT on March 27th, 2019   Sports Marketing, UnCommon News

UntitledTeam UT is proud to be included on the first annual “Hashtag Sports Engage 150″ list.



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MUBB – Schedule Wraps

Posted by Team UT on January 24th, 2019   Project Profiles, Sports Marketing, UnCommon News
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546397960d5f7Team UT helps Marquette Athletics promote home basketball games with elevator wraps displayed around campus.

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Duke Basketball – GameDay Package

5463fd2be6a17Team UT delivers a GameDay social media graphics package for Duke Basketball.




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NBA Draft – Social Media Package

Posted by Team UT on June 28th, 2018   #SMSports, Project Profiles, Social Media, Sports Marketing, UnCommon News

UntitledGraphics packages for Duke and Arizona deliver over 1 Million engagements for the 2018 NBA Draft.

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Danica Patrick – PI Book Website

Posted by Team UT on December 12th, 2017   Design, Project Profiles, Sports Marketing, UnCommon News

dppiTeam UT is proud to partner with Danica Patrick on the web design and development for her upcoming book – Pretty Intense

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Marquette Basketball – Season Countdown

Posted by Team UT on November 14th, 2017   Design, Social Media, Sports Marketing

546397960d5f7Team UT helps the Marquette Men’s Basketball Program build anticipation for the coming season with a Countdown graphics package.

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