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Duke Athletics 100K Facebook Drive

Posted by Team UT on February 16th, 2012   Project Profiles, Sports Marketing, UnCommon News

The Duke Athletics Dept is getting close to the 100K “Like” mark on Facebook, and to help attain it they’ve developed a creative promotion that engages fans Monday – Friday.  They asked UT to design/develop the app to help promote the campaign on their page.

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MorganFuel.com Launches

Posted by Team UT on February 7th, 2012   UnCommon News

UT is proud to announce the launch of MorganFuel.com – The Morgan Fuel’s family of Cool Power, Sidewinder, Omega and their private label fuels make them the World’s largest selling model engine fuel company.

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UT Site Update

Posted by Team UT on January 26th, 2012   UnCommon News

Team UT is in the process of developing a new site to showcase the studio. The new site will feature a look at all of our work over the past 10+ years: from current live sites, to versions of sites we’ve relaunched, to sites that have been archived, to pitch work.

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UT on Pinterest

Posted by Team UT on January 24th, 2012   UnCommon News

Team UT invites you to check out our new Pinterest page by clicking here. We’ve started things off with three inspirational boards (UnCommon Thinkers, UnCommon Athletes,  UnCommon Books) and we’ll be adding more soon.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Team UT on December 31st, 2011   UnCommon News

Team UT would like to give a special thanks to all the partners we’ve worked with this year to create some truly great projects. It’s been an honor to work with you and your brands – thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to working with you again in 2012. Happy New Year!



Anatomy of Making the 903 Infographic

Posted by Team UT on November 17th, 2011   Interactive, UnCommon News

Since the launch of 903andCounting.com, we’ve received a lot of great positive feedback on the “903 Infographic”, so in this post we run through some of the details on how it was created.

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