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Amanda Beard Update

Posted by Team UT on September 11th, 2009   Design, Interactive, Project Profiles, UnCommon News

Behind the curtains here at UT, we’ve been concepting and designing Amanda Beard’s new website. We’ve recently¬†updated her new Twitter background, which¬†you can view¬†@amandaraybeard¬†and we’ve also¬†launched her new splash page which you can view at www.amandabeard.netAs with any project we do, we wanted to keep the¬†branding of Amanda Beard consistent. From her Twitter page to her site¬†design concepts we’ve created, it all flows together seamlessly.¬†Amanda Beard is an American Olympic Swimmer, so our idea was to go with a cool water theme. It sounds like the obvious choice, however we had creative ideas to take it to a higher level. Utilizing blue tones to the¬†overall dark background scene¬†provides alot of contrast and pops well. In addition, the¬†water bubbles adds to the theme –¬†giving it an edgy and modern feel. We’ve already started concepting and designing the main site too. Below are some screenshots of the splash page and twitter background. STAY TUNED!

Coming Soon Splash Page:

Twitter Background:

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