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“The Oracle Edge”

Posted by Team UT on August 13th, 2008   Books

This book about life at Oracle came out just as the tech craze was in full flight back in 1999, and its by a former employee vs. an author that just writes from Q/A.  Today (in the media at least) we see many work culture examples citing Nike, Apple, Crispin or other hot-today agencies, but many of the examples from this book can be valuable to start-up thru experienced leaders trying to define their company’s culture.

Like many companies that have a distinct culture, Oracle’s comes from founder Larry Ellison, and his influence is written about throughout the book. By no means can i recommend all the strategies that are outlined in the book (and even some related to LJE have changed drastically since the book was written) – but it tells a good story of building and maintaing a strong corporate culture.

A couple sample themes the book covers: Adopt icons with relevant and positive associations, Stay intense, Communicate and celebrate success, Nurture your core team, Five steps to attacking your competition, Recruit athletes, Teach people how to win, Communicate your “mantra”, See opportunity in change, and much more.

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