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ND Football – In need of a Program Website

Posted by Team UT on November 22nd, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Is there a football program in greater need of an official website than Notre Dame? Overshadowing their recent Yankee Stadium game hoopla is a potential 4th decommit since Oct., and continued brutal off-the-field press.

Sunday morning I was expecting to see all the articles about ND’s big win over Army that was held in Yankee Stadium. Instead the front page of the Tribune was this article “Notre Dame silent on teen’s death“, about a possible sexual assult on a freshman at St. Mary’s by a football player. Today comes news of a possible 4th decommit since October, and this all follows the negative/questioning press surrounding the tragic death of Declan Sullivan.

Notre Dame Football is perhaps the most storied college program in any sport, and it warrants more than a templated AD site section that you could find on any college AD site, or a Ticket & Tailgating website; it warrants an outlet that:
– properly tells the Program story
– gives the Program its own voice & ownership of news
– properly markets the Program to recruits
– becomes the destination for everything and anything Notre Dame Football

FYI Notre Dame Football – here’s your model: www.DukeBluePlanet.com

I realize college sports are really only about money, and that is just one more reason the Program needs a dedicated official site – because it’s a no-brainer for sponsorship opportunities. So not only can tell your story the right way, have your own voice, own your news, market the program the best way possible to recruits & gain a competitive advantage on your rivals – you can also make money doing it.

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