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New G N’R = Free Dr. Pepper

Posted by Team UT on October 23rd, 2008   Advertising

In March, Dr Pepper issued a challenge to Axl that if he finally released “Chinese Democracy” before the end of 2008,¬†that they would give a free Dr. Pepper to everyone.¬† In production for 15-17 years (depending on what you read) it seemed like a good bet for the Dr to make, but alas Axl is going to fill the Dr’s prescription for free pop by¬†officially announcing the album will be out November 23rd via Best Buy.

The marketing questions:
1. Since they now have a free association/link with G N’ R and the most anticipated album of the year, how much would it have¬†cost the Dr to get a “formal” association with the band?.
2. Considering you only have 24hrs to get a coupon, will enough people actually redeem the freebie offer to offset the free publicity the challenge has given Dr Pepper?

How to get your free Dr Pepper courtesy of Axl and G N’ R:
On the Nov. 23, go to www.drpepper.com, and register your info (must be done within 24hrs) to receive a coupon for one free 20-oz. Dr Pepper.

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