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Danica Patrick – Pretty Intense

Posted by Team UT on December 27th, 2016   Interactive, Project Profiles, UnCommon News

UntitledTeam UT is proud to help Danica Patrick launch the “Pretty Intense” Workout and Nutrition Plan in advance of her upcoming book.

In early 2018, NASCAR star Danica Patrick will be launching a new fitness and nutrition book titled “Pretty Intense”. As part of a research effort, Team UT helped Danica develop an online hub for a 90-day free Workout and Nutrition Plan at


Aspects of the project include:

  • Design and development of the initial online registration platform.
  • Design and development of the main program website.
  • Weekly email campaign management (Template and PDF Designs, Distribution, Tracking).
  • Helpdesk management for interaction with program registrants.















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