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G N’ R – Dr. Pepper Miscue

Posted by Team UT on November 23rd, 2008   Advertising, Interactive

Back on Oct. 23rd we wrote about the Dr. Pepper promotion with the debut of the new Guns N’ Roses album – Chinese Democracy. Well today is the day everyone was supposed to be able to sign-up for their free Dr. Pepper, but when you got to the site and take the time to fill out the form you’ll see that the Dr. doesn’t have enough bandwidth to handle all their requests (we ck’d with 5 other people in different locations around the US, all with the same problem). So to get your free Dr., you now have to call them at (800) 696-5891 – wait 10-15 minutes and talk to a rep (make sure you tell them their site is not functioning correctly). Let’s hope the album doesn’t turn out as bad as the Dr. Pepper promotion. I guess this is one way to guarantee you don’t take a big hit on an online promotion – just make sure your site doesn’t work – clever Dr., clever.

Update 11.24 – They spun it like it was just “consumer demand”, but because the site didn’t work yesterday (also noted on many other blogs today) the Dr. extended the offer through 6PM EST today.

Update 12.02 – Ad Age is reporting that Axl is now suing the Dr. for how it bungled the promo.

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