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Working in conjunction with Jump Forward, UT concepted and developed a new social content recruiting website for the Kentucky Football Program that includes the following features:

- Content Viewer and Countdown to Next Game modules.

- Twitter feed module featuring feeds from the Coach Stoops and Stoops Troops accounts, as well as a feed from all the Coaches’ accounts.

- Instagram and YouTube feed modules.

- This Week’s Swag: showcasing the uniform combination the team wears for each game.

- Promotion of the UK Athletics Football Blog, and a Facebook feed module.

- Coaches Social Directory.

- Promotion of UK Athletics’ Football and Ticket websites.

- Schedule page and potential recruits questionnaire page.

- Secondary page channel callouts for: Coach Stoops’ Twitter, Stoops Troops Instagram, and the Program’s Facebook.

  • Social Content Strategy
  • Responsive Website Design
  • PHP
  • CMS
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