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Andre Agassi


The one that launched a thousand projects. Agassi Open was the first project that the co-founders of UT worked on together, and would be the catalyst for launching the studio. From design, to content, to overall user experience, when the AO launched in 2000 there was no other official athlete website like it.

Features included:

- Developed a trailer to help market the site prior to launch.

- Content Depth: updates on Andre's schedule, year-to-date stats, and latest news; section showcasing The Agassi Foundation; Gaming Arena featuring five interactive games for fans to play; section dedicated to career wins and stats; gallery of all his TV commericals and SI covers; and profiles on all of his Sponsors.

- Attention to detail: no image of Andre was used from a match he lost.

- Partnership with Def Jam to feature popular music in a branded player.

- Unique section dedicated to Andre's Grand Slam wins, and player's besides Andre that had won the Career Grand Slam.

- Unique mini-sites for each of the four Grand Slams that would be used during the two weeks of each event.

  • Content Strategy
  • Design
  • Partnership Development
  • Flash
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