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Natalie Gulbis

NatalieGulbis.com v1

Natalie Gulbis debuted on the LPGA Tour in 2002, and her team turned to UT to deliver her first official website.

Features of the version one site included:

- Flash-based mini-site to promote Natalie until the full site was developed.

- Creation of a branded logo and tag "Ten on the Tee", along with a sponsorship materials package for her team for pitching new sponsors.

- Development of the most complete content plan of any golfer's website: frequently updated news on Natalie and her play; in-depth section on Natalie and her background; Ask Natalie feature for fans; section dedicated to her schedule and season/career stats; section showcasing her golf-related partners, included weekly tips from her coach Butch Harmon; photo gallery; and section of fun interactive features just for fans.

  • Content Strategy
  • Logo Creation
  • Sponsorship Materials Package
  • Design
  • Flash
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