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Tiger Woods

The Majors Experience

UT approached Tiger's team about several ways we could enhance his online presence, and the first project we undertook was "The Majors Experience" concept that featured a dedicated mini-site covering Tiger's history and current play in the four PGA Majors.

The Flash-based concept housed on TigerWoods.com featured:

- Tiger Update: section focused on his current Major: daily play updates and quotes, leaderboard, tee time, and tv times.

- Majors: the flagship section included a theme channel for each Major (Tournament Profile, Tiger Results & Records, Photo Gallery), and Majors Victory Tracker (All-Time Winners List, profiles on each of Tiger's wins).

- Career Grand Slam: showcased the five winners and outlined their wins.

- Tiger Slam: showcased when Tiger held all four Majors (2000 US Open, British Open, PGA Championship, 2001 Masters).

- Major Style: showcase the four Nike polos that Tiger was scheduled to wear during the Major with link to purchase.

  • Content Strategy
  • Design
  • Flash
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