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“Beyond Basketball”

Posted by Team UT on November 28th, 2008   Books

Many coaches and business leaders have written books meant to inspire their readers to become more successful in their jobs or daily lives, but rarely does the inspiration come across so sincere as from Coach K in his book “Beyond Basketball – Coach K’s Keywords For Success”.  Coach K uses 40 words ranging from Balance to Ownership to Standards, and offers a combination of personal and basketball experiences to explain their meaning and takeaway through his eyes.

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Posted by Team UT on October 7th, 2008   Advertising, Books

With the recent Microsoft ad campaign launch and news that Alex Bogusky will be authoring a diet book, i thought it was a good time to revisit the book by Crispin Porter Bogusky – “Hoopla”. Originally released in late 2006, the book written with Warren Berger provides an inside look at the philosophy and work of the agency. At 432 pages, the book seems big, but includes a lot of pages filled with images of their work, so it’s not a long read.

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“Management – Revised Edition”

Posted by Team UT on September 3rd, 2008   Books

USA Today included an article on Peter Drucker’s “Management – Revised Edition” and some of the themes that is covers. The article also noted another very helpful book, “The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization” with Jim Collins.

The 5 questions it covers are:
What is Our Mission?
Who Is Our Customer?
What Does the Customer Value?
What Are Our Results?
What is Our Plan?

“Wooden on Leadership”

Posted by Team UT on August 23rd, 2008   Books

When we first started working with Coach i was sent this book, and i found it to be a quick and very informative read. As you would expect many of the lessons and analogies come from Coach’s basketball experiences, but they relate very well to any business and general leadership roles. 

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“The Oracle Edge”

Posted by Team UT on August 13th, 2008   Books

This book about life at Oracle came out just as the tech craze was in full flight back in 1999, and its by a former employee vs. an author that just writes from Q/A.  Today (in the media at least) we see many work culture examples citing Nike, Apple, Crispin or other hot-today agencies, but many of the examples from this book can be valuable to start-up thru experienced leaders trying to define their company’s culture.

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