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Crystal Light’s Missing Online Strategy

Posted by Team UT on December 29th, 2009   Advertising, Interactive

Like many we read the recent article in the NYT outlining a new ad campaign for Kraft Foods’ “Crystal Light” brand – “Giving Water a Powdered, Flavored Spin“. It triggered us to check out their online presence, and after doing so it’s hard to make any sense of it.

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LPGA Online Marketing Initiative

Posted by Team UT on July 15th, 2009   Advertising, Interactive, Sports Marketing

This week a contingent of players on the Tour led the ouster of commissioner Carolyn Bivens in hopes of finding a new leader that will lead them to the promise land of more events, more sponsors, more TV coverage, more earnings, and more overall sporting relevance.

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Toms Shoes

Posted by Team UT on April 13th, 2009   Advertising, Inspiration, UnCommon News

Our team would like to give a shout out to Blake Mycoskie and his company Toms Shoes. We’ve worked with Blake in the past on several projects, and for the last three years he’s been spending his time starting a company founded in Argentina that for each pair of shoes sold, they give a pair to a needy child.

Yesterday during the Masters, AT&T aired a national commercial featuring Blake and Toms Shoes that you can check out here. Congrats Blake!


“Reality Check”

Posted by Team UT on April 9th, 2009   Advertising, Books

“Reality Check” is the ninth book by Guy Kawasaki, the managing director of Garage Technology Ventures.  It’s a compilation of Guy’s experiences (success and failure) in the business world, and it’s primarily targeted to entrepreneurs, but it’s also a great read for anyone looking to get ahead in their job. Even though it’s 462 pages covered in 94 chapters, its a pretty quick read. He keeps each chapter short and the style is very easy to read.

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Super Bowl Ads

Posted by Team UT on February 2nd, 2009   Advertising

The best ad of the night was the one on the field by the Pittsburg Steelers taking their NFL best 6th Super Bowl title. Is there a better brand in team sports – don’t think so. Here’s our take on the rest of the ad lineup…

Coca-Cola – Our favorite was the “Heist” ad, production level on the concept was incredible, and it hit a home run on the “Open Happiness” tag.

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New Magazine Ad Displays 3D Car in Augmented Reality

Posted by Team UT on January 12th, 2009   Advertising, Interactive

I ran into this video today and thought it was pretty cool. I was intrigued by this idea of the user being able to interact via webcam. User Interactions like this are just awesome and awe inspiring. It’s just amazing how they do this stuff.

“What appears to be little more than a black and white advertisement in three recent German automotive magazines becomes a 3D holographic model of the Mini Cabrio through a webcam and the Mini website. Sure, it still takes a good deal of effort on the user’s part (they have to go somewhere other than the main ad to really see the ad)…”

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