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“Reality Check”

Posted by Team UT on April 9th, 2009   Advertising, Books

“Reality Check” is the ninth book by Guy Kawasaki, the managing director of Garage Technology Ventures.  It’s a compilation of Guy’s experiences (success and failure) in the business world, and it’s primarily targeted to entrepreneurs, but it’s also a great read for anyone looking to get ahead in their job. Even though it’s 462 pages covered in 94 chapters, its a pretty quick read. He keeps each chapter short and the style is very easy to read.

For anyone unfamiliar with Guy check out his site, blog, or twitter page to get the lo-down. One of his first claims to fame was being the early brand ambassador for Macintosh. In “Reality Check” guy covers starting your biz, raising money, planning and execution, innovating, marketing, selling, communicating, beguiling, competing, hiring/firing, working, and doing good.  Some of the chapter highlights include: Mantras for Dummies, The Top 11 Lies of Venture Capiatlists, The Art of Bootstrapping, DIY PR, How to Get a Standing Ovation, How to Remain Sane, The No-Asshole Rule, and Is Your Boss an Asshole?.

When it comes to the importance of sales, you can believe me now or you can believe me later, but “sales fixes everything”.

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