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John Hancock’s Boston Marathon Twitter Promo

Posted by Team UT on January 27th, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Yesterday John Hancock Financial announced it was launching a Twitter account (JFHS_Boston26) to support/celebrate this year’s race marking their 25th year as the principal sponsor. In this post we take a quick look at what can be done to enhance their effort.

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Twitter Background Showcase

Posted by Team UT on January 22nd, 2010   Design, Interactive, Sports Marketing, UnCommon News

As a follow-up to our post from last May about the importance of properly branding your Twitter background “Twitter Backgrounds – Advertising Billboard” – in this post we’ll showcase some of the designs we’ve completed over the last year.

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Crystal Light’s Missing Online Strategy

Posted by Team UT on December 29th, 2009   Advertising, Interactive

Like many we read the recent article in the NYT outlining a new ad campaign for Kraft Foods’ “Crystal Light” brand – “Giving Water a Powdered, Flavored Spin“. It triggered us to check out their online presence, and after doing so it’s hard to make any sense of it.

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Duke Basketball Slam Dunks Twitter

Posted by Team UT on December 8th, 2009   Interactive, Sports Marketing, UnCommon News

It’s hard to call any one person or brand an “expert” in any area of social media at this point because the overall category is still very much at the beginning stages, but if you’re a sports brand and looking for a great example of how to approach a Twitter strategy, look no further than the Duke Men’s Basketball Program.

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Agassi “Open” Marketing

Posted by Team UT on November 2nd, 2009   Interactive, Sports Marketing

When we first heard that Andre’s autobiography was going to be titled “Open” – we immediately thought about all the great marketing ideas that could be tied into the release. The publisher went with the traditional method of letting excerpts do most of the book marketing, so we’ll take a quick look at what’s been done so far, and then outline some additional ideas we had.

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Amanda Beard Update

Posted by Team UT on September 11th, 2009   Design, Interactive, Project Profiles, UnCommon News

Behind the curtains here at UT, we’ve been concepting and designing Amanda Beard’s new website. We’ve recently updated her new Twitter background, which you can view @amandaraybeard and we’ve also launched her new splash page which you can view at www.amandabeard.net

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