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2011 Digital March Madness

Posted by Team UT on March 7th, 2011   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Andy Pawlowski runs a great blog called “Digital Hoops Blast” that covers the world of online college basketball marketing, and recently announced his picks for the Top 4 Seeds in his blog’s 2011 Digital NCAA Bracket. In this post we’ll take a look at the other three top seeds besides Duke using Andy’s criteria.

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UCONN Women’s Basketball – Online Strategy?

Posted by Team UT on December 21st, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Tonight at 7PM(EST) on ESPN2, the UCONN Women’s Basketball team will go for their record 89th straight win, besting the John Wooden-led UCLA Men’s team that put down 88 straight from 1971-74. The question we have is will their online strategy¬†capitalize on the achievement?

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ND Football – In need of a Program Website

Posted by Team UT on November 22nd, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Is there a football program in greater need of an official website than Notre Dame? Overshadowing their recent Yankee Stadium game hoopla is a potential 4th decommit since Oct., and continued brutal off-the-field press.

Sunday morning I was expecting to see all the articles about ND’s big win over Army that was held in Yankee Stadium. Instead the front page of the Tribune was this article “Notre Dame silent on teen’s death“, about a possible sexual assult on a freshman at St. Mary’s by a football player.

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Kentucky Men’s B-Ball – Dedicated Websites

Posted by Team UT on November 17th, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Working with the Duke Men’s Basketball team (www.DukeBluePlanet.com) the past four years we’re always on the look-out to see what other college programs are doing online. Recently we came across a new site for the Kentucky Men’s B-Ball team.

You can view the site by clicking here. Our short review is: the site is big on images, but short on content.

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DP & SD on Facebook

Posted by Team UT on October 15th, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Recently launched Official Facebook Fan Pages for two of our racing clients – Danica Patrick and Scott Dixon.

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Steelers Social Media Lesson

Posted by Team UT on September 20th, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Twitter and Facebook would appear to be great channels for sports brands to provide event/game updates – but many brands are making a posting mistake that is really baffling to understand.

Managers of the accounts have three choices when it comes to posting event/game updates:
1. Post the start and finish (we’ve chosen this route on our racing clients)

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