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US Open Women’s Semis Online Review

Posted by Team UT on September 10th, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

As the US Open tennis tournament winds down, we take a look at the online strategies from the four remaning women’s players: Caroline Wozniacki, Vera Zvonareva, Kim Clijsters, and Venus Williams.

Our analysis included searching for each players official sites and social media channels (Twitter/Facebook). All of the players have an official site and some presence through social media, so it really came down to intangibles and execution in ranking them.

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Boise St. Football Online

Posted by Team UT on September 7th, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Boise State’s classic win over Virginia Tech last night was their coming out party for many fans, but they’ve gone 49-4 the last four years, including two undefeated seasons, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise. In this post we’ll review their online activation and see if it also belongs on the national stage.

Dedicated Website: www.BoiseStateFootball.com

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MLB’s Most Marketable – Online Review

Posted by Team UT on July 20th, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Sports Business Daily recently published results on their “Most Marketable In MLB Survey“. In this post we review how the most marketable fair with their online activation strategies.

Our review includes searching for the player’s official site, and then seeing if they are active on either of the two most popular social media channels (Twitter & Facebook).

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@KingJames Twitter Launch

Posted by Team UT on July 6th, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

LeBron made his debut on Twitter today via @KingJames, and it brings up quite a few questions related to his own marketing team, his sponsors, and what role each has when it comes to an online strategy.

Word started to spread around 11AM today when Chris Paul posted that he talked LeBron into getting on Twitter. LeBron’s account quickly got up to close to 100K followers before he made an initial tweet four hours later:

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Rick Pitino’s Online Activation

Posted by Team UT on June 30th, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Caught an article yesterday on ESPN,”Rick Pitino Fights Back”, that focuses on the competition vs. Coach Calipari at Kentucky. In this post we look at one thing Coach Pitino could really use – a better online activation.

Despite both programs having a long successful tradition, neither has a dedicated program website (ie www.DukeBluePlanet.com), so right off the bat Coach Pitino and Louisville could easily gain a huge advantage on Kentucky with respect to targeting fans, alumni, corp partners, and RECRUITS.

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Jennie Finch

Posted by Team UT on May 21st, 2010   Interactive, Sports Marketing, UnCommon News

Recently completed an online activation for softball star, Jennie Finch, by launching her official website: www.JennieFinch.com Also ck out: http://twitter.com/jfinch27 & http://store.JennieFinch.com




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