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With the launch of "The Wildcat Way" for the Northwestern Football Program – UT created the first true online social content website for any collegiate program.

In reviews we conducted at the time of how the individual NHL/NBA/NFL teams were promoting and integrating social media on their websites, we recognized a glaring need for a true social media content solution that professional and college teams could use to properly showcase all their channels in one location.

Some teams included feeds in various spots throughout their site, some included a directory of icon links, others promoted “Hub” sections but nothing we saw could be considered a true best practice model taking into consideration content, design and sponsorship.

That changed with this first phase solution for the Northwestern Football Program. The Wildcats’ solution includes:

- Integration of all the program’s active channels in one location.

- A unique design that showcases the program in an exciting way.

- Downloads package for fans to showcase on their own channels.

- Complimentary content that provides value to the overall experience.

- Integration of sponsors partners.

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Design
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP
  • CMS
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