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Coach Wooden Memory Wall

Posted by Team UT on June 16th, 2010   Design, Inspiration, UnCommon News

In Memory of Coach John Wooden, we’ve setup a Memory Wall for family, friends, and fans to share personal memories and/or simply give their best wishes. So, drop by and share yours with others.

The concept direction I took for this was that of a soft, heavenly, legendary and historical feel. John Wooden was the humblest of characters; one of his greatest attributes – so he probably would have disliked this approach. However, we are admirers of the man like so many. Thus, it’s ok for us to boast about Coach and portray him in such a fashion.

Splash Page:
Steve Jamison wrote many books with Coach. Over the years, they became very close friends. “The Widsom of Wooden” is their last book together…so it’s only fitting this be placed at the very top.
Beneath the book, there is a snippet from a quote by Bill Walton; a student, a friend, and advocate of Coach. For the background, I subtly placed a few older pictures of coach on the sides and have a few feathers falling down from the top of the page to signify remembrance and provide a ‘heavenly’ feel. I used a combination of both old paper and wood flooring textures, then color balanced them to get that warm/sepia tone.


My Last Visit with Coach by Steve Jamison
This is a special tribute to Coach from Steve, documenting his final days with Coach.

Memory Wall
Share your memories, or simply give your best wishes

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