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A.J. Brooks – Official Site Launch

Posted by Team UT on June 22nd, 2015   Interactive, Social Media, Sports Marketing, UnCommon News

AJ3bTeam UT is proud to announce the launch of¬†3-time WWE Divas Champion AJ Brooks’ new official website: www.AJ-Brooks.com

AJ is a 3-time WWE Divas Champion, and 2-time Diva of the Year. When it came time to start a new phase in her career she turned to UT to deliver a new official website.

Features of the site include:

  • Unique lifestyle design showcasting AJ’s personal and wrestling sides.
  • Full integration of AJ’s social media channel content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Instagram Hashtag Gallery:¬†ability through the admin to review Instagram photos tagged with the #TeamAJ hashtag and create galleries around them.
  • Online store integration to allow fans to purchase autographed AJ prints.











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