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Duke – Mobile Wallpapers

Posted by Team UT on February 8th, 2018   Project Profiles, Social Media, Uncategorized, UnCommon News

5463fd2be6a17Team UT delivers lock screens to help keep Duke Basketball top-of-mind on fans/recruits phones.

With all the social platform options fans and recruits have these days it’s become an all out war to get and keep their attention. Despite the number of platform options, one thing is for certain – the percentage of users accessing social media on mobile, and general overall usage, continues to rise.

To capitalize on the mobile-first mentality (and the popular #WallpaperWednesday trend), Team UT works with Duke to develop lock screen/wallpaper concepts that fans and recruits can download to their phones and increase the chance of staying top-of-mind.  A few samples include (sizes scaled down):









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