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“There’s A Customer Born Every Minute”

Posted by Team UT on December 23rd, 2008   Advertising, Books

Looking toward the new year, we thought it would be the right time to highlight a book on ways to creatively sell: “There’s a Customer Born Every Minute: PT. Barnum’s Amazing 10 ‘Rings of Power’ For Creating Fame, Fortune, And A Business Empire Today – Guaranteed!” by Joe Vitale. Some of you will remember for the “Hoopla” book review we noted CPB’s special interest in P.T. Barnum, and his marketing prowess is certainly worth looking deeper into.

In the book Vitale combines a history lesson on Barnum with an outline of his marketing tactics and translates them into modern day business lessons. From General Tom Thumb, to Jenny Lind, to his museum, to his autobiography, to the Barnum & Bailey Circus, to Jumbo the Elephant, to surviving personal and professional tragedy, and much more – there are many unique examples Vitale covers.

The book runs 229 pages over 16 chapters and is a fairly quick read. We don’t go as far to say this book will indeed lead to fame, fortune, and a business empire, but what it will do is kickstart some creative thinking for ways to market your business – or your client’s.

*Sidenote – For a more complete biographical look at Barnum, you can download for free Joel Benton’s 1893 work, “The P.T. Barnum of the Barnum and Bailey Circus” by clicking here.

Purchase the book at Amazon.com

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