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Posted by Team UT on January 9th, 2009   Advertising, Books

Seth Godin’s new book “Tribes” follows his previous titles template: no TOC, short (147 pages), and kind of all over the place. He acknowledges as much near the end by writing, “People might say that it’s too disorganized or not practical enough….” On to the takeaway – the book is about leadership, groups of people he calls “tribes”, and what they can do as one.

It’s about a 75/25 split on the conversation about Leadership – the opportunity, the timing, the fear of being a leader and why we follow, the mindset to be successful; and Groups –  the power one can have, better to be big or small?, tools to lead one, success samples, and more.

He really stresses that anyone can be a leader, that you should break through the pre-set barriers that society has put up over time, and that there is a group waiting to be led by you. For more info on “Tribe Building Tactics” check out this post on his blog.

Purchase the book @ Amazon.com

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