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Pinterest & Sports Teams v.3

Posted by Team UT on December 11th, 2012   Interactive, Sports Marketing

Following up on our two previous audits of how sports teams are using the Pinterest channel, we take an even more detailed look this time around. As in our previous audits, we did a search on every team from MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL, including the league accounts as well.

Findings include:
• #of Teams on Pinterest by League
• Biggest Gainers since the March 22nd Audit
• Leagues on Pinterest
• Teams with the Most Followers
• Teams with the Most Boards
• Teams with the Most Pins
• Overall Stats
• Insights
• Board Samples
• Teams Including Holiday Gift Boards
• Team by Team Listings & Stats

-All account information and stats are as of December 07, 2012

Download the Report PDF


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