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NU Football – WildcatWay v3

Posted by Team UT on September 16th, 2015   Design, Interactive, Project Profiles, Social Media, UnCommon News

DSC_0164For the start of the 2015 season, UT delivered content and design upgrades to Northwestern Football’s official site – www.TheWildcatWay.com

The goals for our v. 3 update of the site were to really streamline the content while showcasing new social channels; enhance the usability on mobile; and update the design while staying true to the original look and feel. To achieve those goals the updated site includes:

  •  An updated design with slight alterations to the color scheme, new background graphics, and enhancements to the module and section designs.
  • Responsive development ensuring viewing on all mobile devices.
  • Review of all content to determine which parts drive the most traffic, and removal of ones that no longer fit our strategy.
  • Re-positioning of content on the home page to ensure the most popular pieces are viewed first.
  • Integration of a  Snapchat preview on the home page and a dedicated section page acting as a teaser and driver for the account.










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