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NU Football – Social Media Hub v2

Team UT is proud to announce the v2 launch of www.TheWildcatWay.com for the Northwestern Football Program – the first true online Social Media Hub for any collegiate program.





Following up on last fall’s initial Hub launch, working with the Northwestern team we’ve added the following updates in time for the start of the new season:

  • Instagram Videos – admin gallery for Instagram’s popular new video feature, including ¬†coach and player intros.
  • Game Recaps – integration of Storify-based game recaps, and a infographic template to showcase interesting stats and information on each game.
  • Vine Gallery – admin gallery for Twitter’s popular new video platform.
  • Hashtag Gallery – ability through the admin to review Instagram photos tagged with the #B1GCATS hashtag and create galleries around them.
  • With expanded content offerings we’ve added a main navigation to better showcase the overall depth of content included in the Hub.


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